Employee Spotlight

Eddie Pomianowski

Software Support Engineer // Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Eddie, you have an interesting story about how you ended up at Krumware. What’s the scoop?

I was originally planning to be a pharmacist. I was indecisive when I started college, and I wanted to pursue a degree in programming, but I ultimately chose a major that was familiar to me. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Coastal Carolina, and I had just started looking at pharmacy schools when I realized I hated everything about it. So I enrolled at USC and committed to my original interest, and have yet to regret it. In fact, my indecisiveness directly led me to my job at Krumware! If I hadn’t gone to USC when I did, I would have never met my friend Nick in one of our classes. When I graduated from USC, Nick was interning at Krumware and recommended me to Colin. The rest is history.

That’s quite a testament to your agility and determination. What’s the best part about your job?

Prior to starting at Krumware, the only other job experience I had was at Walgreens. No matter how hard I worked or how old I got, no one treated me as an equal--probably because I was still in school, or because my mother was another Walgreens Store Manager. The second I was hired at Krumware, I was treated like I had been there for years, and that my experience brought something to the table. I was never made to feel like the new guy or the fresh college grad. They instantly gave me a project that I became a frontman on. So the independence, respect, and responsibility that I was instantly given at Krumware have been the best part.

How have you grown since you started at Krumware?

I think my biggest takeaway involves decision-making. I’ve always been independent, but whenever a major decision would come around, I’d rely on leadership. Not because I was afraid I’d make the wrong decision, but because I was indecisive. Since I work remotely and handle the majority of support for a few projects alone, it’s often more efficient for me to make a judgment call rather than run it by someone. The best part is that if I ever make a wrong choice, I’m never made to feel like I failed; the team is easily able to understand my thought process and then walk me through a better solution.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?

I guess I’m a bit of a stereotypical nerd. I enjoy building computers (although I am a little bad at picking parts), learning to make video games, playing video games, and recently I’ve started getting into Warhammer Age of Sigmar/40k.

I recently was able to build a new PC with a Nvidia RTX 3060Ti -- which I was super lucky to get -- and started making my first AoS army to play with in Warhammer.

I'm told you also have a cat, yes?

I do! I have a white and grey tabby cat named Winry! In truth, I originally wanted a dog, but I saw her at a shelter and knew I needed her. Luckily for me, she loves playing fetch so I get to pretend she's a small dog.

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