Employee Spotlight

Nick Knight

Software Engineer // Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

So Nick, tell us about your time at Krumware, how are you liking it so far?

I"m absolutely loving it at Krumware! The people are super fun and are all really great. The team is a family. We plan nights to go out or come over for tacos on a Thursday. The work is exciting too. As an intern, I didn't expect to be touching so many important projects or have the freedom to make my own decisions on those projects.

Tell us a bit about what else has been going on in your life.

This is a crazy year for me; the first major thing to come my way was getting an internship at Krumware. Two weeks later, I took my gorgeous girlfriend to the Horseshoe on the UofSC campus, got down on one knee, and gave her a ring. Now all that's left is to graduate from UofSC this December.

Wow, this is a really rad year for you! How do you feel about so many big changes?

I am really excited about being engaged. I've known for years now that I wanted to marry her. She makes every day infinitely better. Getting an internship and graduating are also major life events. I've talked to some of my friends about it, and said, "Who let me be an adult? Got the job, the lady, and soon I'm done with school. How did this happen?"

Outside of work, school, and spending time with your Fiance, what do you enjoy?

Anyone who knows me knows I have 3 loves: my fiance, my dogs, and my cars (specifically Mustangs). I am happy to have owned 2 different Mustangs so far. I started off with a red '98 Mustang convertible. I remember getting a call from my twin sister saying they'd found one for sale. I had her until last year when I bought my current Mustang, an '09 pony package, named Sammie. I have made her a bit more my own by adding black racing stripes and a new exhaust system.

Car guy, ok that's cool. Anything else that takes up your free time?

I am a gamer. Right now my main games are Smite and Call of Duty. I have been playing Smite since 2012. It is my all-time favorite. If i'm not feeling competitive then I will just play some casual CoD games to destress. I stick to multiplayer games, so I can spend time with my friends.

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