Employee Spotlight

Rudra Gupta

Applications Engineer // Master's Degree in Computer Science

While there is a little bit of a debate about who was truly first, you were one of the first employees to be hired at Krumware. How did you find out about the job opportunity and how was it in the early years at Krumware?

It was Mid-August 2016 and I had just returned from Atlanta after completing my internship with Duke. I was browsing Twitter looking at Manchester United transfer rumours (of course!). I saw a Tweet from USC's Computer Science department about an internship at Krumware. I applied straight away (4 minutes into the posting) as the job description completely aligned with my interests. I got an email from Colin and then I interviewed and got the job! The early days at the company were wonderful. WE started off at SOCO Vista with only two desks working on track management software. A month later we got or first big project and that led to more hires. Yes, there has been some debate into who got hired first, which doesn't make sense because I was first; I just started late due to my visa.

When did you move to the United States? And what made you decide on South Carolina?

I moved to the states in 2015. I always wanted to do my Masters before I started working. My father has 5 degrees in his field and since mine is completely different than his, I at least wanted a second one if not 5. I applied at a few different universities and was accepted into some of them, but USC's overall package impressed me the most.

We know you just recently got your license. Are you excited to be driving? Once you get your car is there anywhere that you really want to go?

Oh yes, the start of my driving career has been interesting. I really want to drive in Denver, especially in winter. That place is awesome and me and my friends had a lot of fun last time we were there. I recently rented a Toyota Highlander and I absolutely loved that car. It's not one of those fancy cars but it's the one I'll own in the future for sure.

Everyone knows that you're a huge Manchester United supporter. What made you start cheering for them?

In 2007, United were playing Fulham away. I switched on the TV and luckily it was playing that game. A couple of minutes later Ronaldo scored that goal (he ran down the wing from the halfline and then scored the goal) in the 90th minute. That goal proved really crucial in winning the title which I came to know a few years later. After that, I started following them religiously. My first full season, we won the Premier League and Champions League. I had the privilege of watching one of the best players in the world play week-in and week-out. I've been a supporter ever since. There have been some highs and a lot of lows but it's all good. Hopefully, we as a company can someday be associated with them in a business aspect (maybe even buy them? :))

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